LIFE-OP: A Post Secondary Education & Vocational Program of Nashua Center for Young Adults living with Developmental Disabilities.

Nashua Center’s LIFE-OP program provides a campus-based, structured and individualized post secondary education program allowing each participant the opportunity to increase their general knowledge, develop special interests, participate in campus life and secure long term employment connections while continuing to promote growth in independence. 

LIFE-OP provides specialized academics, job training and skill development at Nashua Community College that is transferrable to life in the community after college.

The LIFE-OP Advantage:

  • Availability of skilled instructors and resources to meet each student’s individualized educational needs through self-directed, work-based and career skill development.
  • Accessibility to age-appropriate post secondary education and campus experience to eliminate obstacles preventing an individual from achieving meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities.
  • Acceptability from the larger educational environment allowing students to be emotionally, intellectually, physically and culturally safe.
  • Focus on work-based learning, self-directed learning, and career development skills.
  • Develops and promotes opportunities to increase knowledge, self-determination, self-discovery, make peer connections and employment exploration.
  • Promotes adaptability and achievement of full human potential with age-appropriate educational opportunities.
"All of the services in Erin’s program are essential services I never thought we would find in our community. We have sacrificed a great deal financially and emotionally to provide our young adult child with everything she needs to succeed in a world that is so often unwelcoming to the developmentally disabled. Erin hasn’t been this hopeful about her future in years... I hope others are fortunate enough to be able to have their family become involved with the highly qualified and caring people that make up the LIFE-OP program." Mary I. Carlson

Program Coordinator

Nora Driscoll
Coordinator, LIFE-OP
(603) 883-8779 Ext. 57


Nashua Center would like to thank the following organizations for

providing financial support to LIFE-OP:


-New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

-Bank of America Charitable Foundation

-Red Sox Foundation

-GATEWAYS Community Services