Golden Service Award
Recipient Honored

Nashua Center’s highest award was recently presented to Barbara Lesieur, Family Services Assoc..

Honorary Chairperson Named!26-Feb-2014

Donald Deschenes, a familiar face to so many people who have been involved with and or have supp..

LIFE-OP on the rise!26-Feb-2014

LIFE - OP (Learning Independence through Fundamental Education and OPportunities), a Post Secondary ..

Welcome to Nashua Center
Established in Nashua, New Hampshire in 1973, Nashua Center has proudly supported individuals of all ages in Southern New Hampshire for more than 40 years, helping them to live independent, meaningful and dignified lives in their communities. With an emphasis on individuality, we offer a suite of services which focus on each person’s unique needs through carefully designed programs that enhance each person’s quality of life and active role in the community. 

Nashua Center is proud of its award-winning leadership and is well-known and respected for providing high quality and cost-effective services with a commitment of dignity to each individual served. The Center also provides training and education for the human services workforce.

As one of Southern New Hampshire’s largest human services organizations, Nashua Center provides services to over 500 individuals annually through innovative and individualized programs capable of supporting individuals from birth through life.

We offer a wide range of employment opportunities, competitive wages, and a comprehensive benefits package with all full-time positions. We are committed to the professional development of our staff and offer training programs to enable our employees to build careers while upholding our commitment to provide the highest quality of specialized care and support to each individual served while promoting growth in independence.


Mission Statement

The Nashua Center is committed to providing the highest quality of specialized care and support to each individual served while promoting growth in independence.

Golden Service Award


Congratulations to Barbara Lesieur for earning Nashua Center's Golden Service Award for her work as a Family Services Associate with The Children's Pyramid.


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We'd like to welcome you to our new redesigned website and take a moment to further reveal the inspiration and significance behind Nashua Center's new look in black and white.

Inspired by our 40th Anniversary of providing services in the community, we took time to analyze and audit who we have become, both on the inside and from the outside looking in. We took inventory of our history, values and guiding principles and thoughtfully examined how they support our mission today.

The end result: A transformation from color to black and white. TELL ME MORE…

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