Hire a person with disabilities

Many hiring managers struggle with the idea of hiring a person with a disability for a number of reasons. Some may think it will be necessary or expensive to adapt the workplace to their needs. Others may think these individuals may be less proficient than other hire-able candidates. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifically states, that for individuals to be protected by the law, they need to meet the job requirements. Truth be told, many people with disabilities don’t require any specific adaptations and therefore, would not incur extraordinary costs for the company. In the case where that was required, tax benefits are available to offset the cost. For example, the Disabled Access Credit provides reimbursement for small companies with expenses related to accessibility.

The unemployment rate is always much higher for people living with disabilities, almost 2x’s that of the general population. Rather than approach it as some kind of charity, many companies are finding that hiring people with disabilities is good for their bottom line and cultural workforce with greater loyalty to the company and less turnover.

A diverse workplace also encourages a more open culture and stimulates innovation. If the company’s values system is built on inclusion, you may be surprised at how creativity may increase and even some responses you may get from clients and customers could prove invaluable.

The National Organization on Disability offers resources for businesses who would like to promote a more diverse workforce. Most companies today understand and have established zero tolerance discrimination policies, but it can prove to be worthwhile to curiously explore any biases you may have and are not aware. A Harvard –based nonprofit called Project Implicit offers free on-line self-assessment to help people generate their own awareness of hidden social biases. Check it out: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/education.html

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