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Thank you for your interest in learning what people are saying about Nashua Center, or, perhaps you also have a story to tell.

We take our commitment to the people we serve seriously and our success is measured daily. For an organization whose mission when done well means that we don’t stand out, having the opportunity to capture and share experiences is particularly important, so please, tell us how we’re doing! We treasure these gifts and are continuously moved by the power and significance behind written testimonials or spoken words from our clients, their families and our supporters.

In the business of helping people, there’s no gray area in our values system, only a clear view of what is right and wrong, black and white. The nature of the world we operate in is not one where we often “sing our own praises” because the hope is that we always do better and always strive to do more.

Your personal story and feedback will also help the Center increase its visibility and share our mission with others.

Your time is very much appreciated. Thank you.


Brian Young
Executive Director

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