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Nashua Center’s “Pledge Team” today.

It is truly a “win-win” for all…


  • Today, many donors prefer to give online because it is easy and convenient. Making a recurring gift through Nashua Center’s online system is not just simple, it’s completely secure. Select a comfortable donation amount, check the box indicating the preference for “recurring” monthly donation & the automated system will do the rest and even send you a brief statement of our appreciation each month on the 15th once your gift is processed.
  • Many people find this program makes it easier to give more than if the only option is to write a single check at the end of each year. 

NOTE: To assist with end of year tax preparation, Nashua Center will automatically mail members of the Pledge Team their Annual Statements listing all gift contributions and totals for the year.

  • Recurring monthly giving is cost-effective, operationally efficient for both parties and provides a predictable stream of funding for Nashua Center’s programs and services.
  • Since 2009, Nashua Center’s “Pledge Team” is made up of 82% of its original members.
  • The cost-effective nature of recurring giving supports every donor’s desire to know their gift is supporting people and programs rather than general operations and less efficient fundraising efforts.
  • Donors appreciate the need to have reliable sources of income that helps an organization make long-term commitments to projects, producing sustainable change over time.
  • If the day comes and you need to move on and support another mission, our policy simply requires thirty days notice in writing. We will help you make a clean break.
  • We appreciate every penny and dollar of support for more than what it is. Your gifts remind us every day that our work and commitment to the people we serve is the highest priority and we take that very seriously. 

NOTE: Communication will include 4 quarterly newsletters, save the dates & invitations to events. Additional highlights and updates from the Center will be posted via website, facebook, local media & other social media. Donors and supporters are always in control of the messages they receive and we value your right to privacy.