Kathy Watson - The Children's Pyramid

Each year, Nashua Center seeks to recognize one or two individuals involved in providing our services that clearly stand out and are above and beyond our expected quality of care. These may include, but are not be limited to, outstanding achievements, accomplishments, level of commitment and overall contributions to an individual(s) receiving Nashua Center’s services. With that criteria in mind, it is with tremendous pride and honor that I nominate Kathy Wason for the 2016 Golden Service Award.   

Kathy has been part of The Children’s Pyramid team for the past four years as an Occupational Therapist.  Kathy has developed great relationships with families, peers, and local school districts.  She has a natural ability when working with children and providing parent training. Kathy is able to discuss a child’s strengths and weaknesses in a kind and gentle manner. Kathy is always interested in improving her clinical skills and seeking out trainings that pertain to the children that she is working with.  Kathy was also selected as the vision coordinator for our families.  She is one of 16 individuals selected in NH that receive additional training and can provide supports to the family.   She is professional, dependable, and highly respected within early supports and services.  

The families that Kathy provides services to are grateful and appreciate her.  Here are a few comments word for word from families:

  • “Kathy Wason has been working with us since our son came home from the NICU.  She is friendly and has a warm personality and has grown close to our family now. Every time she visits, she helps us encourage our son’s strengths with activities we can do at home.  Kathy is very professional yet friendly and soft spoken with our son. Our family is very thankful for all of the services The Children’s Pyramid has provided.”
  • “Hi, my son had OT services through The Children’s Pyramid and “graduated” almost two years ago (he is 4).   Kathy was his OT provider and he absolutely loved her.  We specifically set goals to have him eat different foods. I wanted to let her know that he is doing great now – and we still use the tools she gave us.”
  • “Kathy Wason has been a godsend to our family! Her understanding, patience, and perception of our child is incredible.  We would not have as much success with our child without her.”

Kathy Wason is a genuine, kind person who always has a smile on her face, takes the time to talk or share information while in the office or consulting with therapists with their families.  It is with great pleasure to nominate Kathy Wason for the 2016 Golden Service Award!

Kara Cave, Coordinator, The Children’s Pyramid