Barbara Anderson

Every year Nashua Center selects an employee to recognize for their outstanding achievements, accomplishments and contributions to the organization and the people we provide services to. This year it is with tremendous pride and honor that we nominate Barbara Anderson for Nashua Center’s 2017 Golden Service Award.

Barbara has been part of The Children’s Pyramid team for the past 17 years. She began her career as a Family Services Associate. Barb excelled in this position and was encouraged to develop a portfolio of her work and experience. In 2009, Barb submitted her portfolio and became only the second Early Intervention Specialist in New Hampshire! Barb develops positive working relationships wherever she goes. Families truly love Barb and always have something nice to say about her. She has a natural ability when working with children and providing suggestions and activities that would be beneficial in their everyday lives. In addition, Barb is always interested in furthering her education to benefit the children and families she works with. She is currently interested in applying to graduate school to obtain her BCBA. Barb is professional, dependable, and highly respected within early supports and services.

The families that Barb provides services to are grateful and appreciate her. Here are a few comments from families:

“Working with Barb was the best. She was amazing with our son and it is wonderful to see how much he progressed in such a short time.”

“Barb was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable and worked well with our son. I liked the variety of toys she brought to teach with and keep my son’s interest.”

“My child’s therapist (Barb Anderson) was fabulous/amazing”

Barb Anderson is a genuine and kind person who always has a smile on her face, takes the time to talk or share information with her peers, and she has touched many lives. It is with great pleasure and pride that we nominate Barbara Anderson for the 2017 Golden Service Award!

Respectfully Submitted, Kara Cave, Coordinator
The Children’s Pyramid