Congratulations to Stephanie Selin for earning the Monthly Service Award


Monthly Service Award Nomination

January 2017

 I would like to nominate Stephanie Selin for the January Monthly Service Award.

Stephanie began working for Nashua Center in the LIFE-OP program about a year ago. Since then, she has worked with a variety of students throughout the year and treats them all with the utmost dignity and respect.  She has proven herself as an invaluable member of LIFE-OP, demonstrating several outstanding qualities.

Stephanie is a hard worker with a tremendous amount of patience.  When she was working with a student with challenging behaviors, she never once raised concerns and followed through with the student’s program.  There were several days when the behavior was trying, however she kept the pace. 

Stephanie engulfs herself in what is best for the students.  She is never idle and continually comes up with activities that are both stimulating and offer learning.  I needed a project organized and prepped for LIFE-OP students and Stephanie took on that task quickly and efficiently, and without any direction.

Stephanie shows initiative and creativity.  A new student started and she created a workout program on her own to meet the needs of that student.  Stephanie is extremely flexible and will do whatever is asked.  She is very versitle in that she can take students to swimming at the YMCA or to their volunteer job at the Hunt Home.  One of her students goes to Sunrise and reads to preschoolers using her augmentative communication device.  She helps that student find an appropriate book, program the device and read to the students.  She saw an opportunity where the student could create a craft with the preschoolers that coincided with the book she read to them.  Stephanie proactively took on this challenge. 

Despite all of the challenges, change in direction, change in student schedules, and the addition of new students, Stephanie takes on all of this with a smile on her face.  She is a wonderful employee and I value all that she does.

Respectfully submitted by,

Nora Driscoll
Coordinator, LIFE-OP