Congratulations to Natalie Calabria for earning the Monthly Service Award!


Employee of the Month
Natalie Calabria
May 2018  

             Natalie has worked with us for almost a year now and during this time we have found her to be dedicated and willing to do whatever is asked of her.  Natalie has a positive attitude when working with people and is always pleasant, gentle and caring She is also a strong advocate for the rights of those we serve.
            Natalie works primarily with Adam and has done an incredible job with him. She treats him with respect, dignity and as a friend rather than a client.  She has helped him maintain his job at Market Basket by assisting him in getting to work on time and completing all the required tasks. She is very diligent about his appearance and makes sure he follows the Market Basket dress code to the fullest.  She also supports him around his volunteer job at Habitat for Humanity and his new job at Art Happens which she helped him secure.
   Natalie encourages Adam to participate to the fullest in every activity that is available to them throughout the day.  As previously stated she is a strong advocate for Adam and is great at letting her supervisors know of any changes in his medical an or emotional status.  Natalie’s gentle and patient approach has done wonders for Adam and they have developed a great relationship.  Adam looks forward to seeing her every day and gets upset when she is not here.
Natalie has a great relationship with her coworkers and supervisors. She has been a great addition to our program and we have enjoyed watching her grow in her current position.  Her work ethic and genuine passion for the work that she does, makes her a valuable employee and one that deserves recognition for making a difference.
I am pleased to recommend Natalie Calabria for the May 2018 employee of the month.


Lisa Szewczyk