Congratulations to Mickey Shepherd for earning Nashua Center's Monthly Service Award


Monthly Service Award Nomination
December 2016

Mickey began working for the JOBS ETC program as a DSP in September 2015. Mickey has not taken this position lightly and has proven to be professional and dependable on all levels. While Mickey’s primary position is to run the Activities Room you will often find her working on various teams or covering as someone’s 1:1 for that day. Mickey has shown a great deal of flexibility and commitment to the people we serve, and despite ever changing schedules she always approaches each task eagerly and with a smile on her face.

Mickey is a self-starter and once she has an idea or plan in place there is no stopping her. Mickey’s natural drive has truly helped her excel in this position. Mickey’s level of dedication to her position and the people we serve can be seen in her commitment to enhancing the activities room. She has reshaped/restructured the Activities Room (multiple times I might add) to best meet the needs of the people we serve. 

Since taking on this role in the Activity Room Mickey has worked diligently with the individuals we serve to help create a variety of new and inventive crafts. Aside from the crafts, Mickey has also helped to widen the variety of meals created during the weekly cooking classes. Even more importantly, Mickey works hard to ensure that each person in the group is actively involved in some or all aspects of each task being performed.  

Recently, Nashua Center experienced some significant losses of individuals who received our services and Mickey played an integral part in helping to honor the memory of those people. Using her craft-based skillset, she graciously stepped up and started gathering photos and other memorabilia and created picture boards which represented each person beautifully. 

Mickey continually goes above and beyond for the people we serve, and truly encompasses all the qualities we want in a DSP. It is for this and many other reasons, we are honored to nominate Mickey Shepherd for the Monthly Service Award. It’s her second nomination this year and she deserves it! 

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Clow
Toni Hallee