Congratulations to Michelle Brown of LIFE-OP


Monthly Service Award Nomination
June 2017

I would like to nominate Michelle Brown for the June 2017 Monthly Service Award.  Michelle began working for Nashua Center as a Direct Support Professional in LIFE-OP a little more than a year ago.  She came with little experience and was a bit unsure if this was the right job for her.  She has proven to be an invaluable member of LIFE-OP.

Michelle is very flexible and will do whatever is asked.  Her flexibility and dedication shines through, even when it comes to scheduling her PTO.  She tries to pick dates when her students are on vacation so that it has minimal impact to the program.   When there is a scheduling issue she is one of the first to jump in and do whatever it takes to make the program run smoothly.  She has taken on additional responsibilities such as training new staff and she also records the attendance. 

Michelle works with a variety of students.  Many of her students are working on being more independent with both daily living and social skills.  Michelle is both kind and diligent when encouraging them.  Her students have grown as a result.

She manages many different schedules and picks up and drops off different students each day.  I can always count on her as she is very dependable.  She always knows where she needs to be and what the next activity is without reminders.  She is prompt and works very hard to assure that all her students are on time for their jobs and activities.  Michelle always tries to demonstrate a positive outlook and infuses a “can do” attitude within LIFE-OP.  This is a great quality, her positivity is infectious and everyone wants to be around her.  

One of the students comes to Nashua Center and uses the stander.  Michelle develops creative activities for her to do while she is in the stander.  This also includes promoting friendships and relationships while she is there.  Her student was apprehensive about coming to the Center but now looks forward to going each week. 

One of Michelle’s strengths is the way she handles difficult situations with providers and/or guardians.  She is level headed and positive, often during stressful times.  She maintains confidentiality and professionalism always. 

For these and many other reasons I believe Michelle Brown deserves to be recognized for the June 2017 Monthly Service Award.

Respectfully submitted,
Nora Driscoll, Coordinator - LIFE-OP