Congratulations to Laurie Jalbert for earning the Monthly Service Award


November 2017 Employee of the Month

Laurie Jalbert


We would like to nominate Laurie Jalbert for the November 2017 Employee of the month.  Laurie is a hard-working and dedicated individual who has a genuine passion for her job.  She is well liked by her coworkers, supervisors and more importantly, the people she supports daily. Laurie begins each day with an upbeat and pleasant personality, a smile and a willingness to help others.  Her positive attitude, regardless of what the day may bring, is infectious.  Laurie spends a good portion of her week with Gary and they have a great relationship.  Laurie has done a great job of earning Gary’s trust and respect.  With Laurie’s support, Gary has meaningful days and gets a lot accomplished. Laurie is always encouraging Gary to be as independent as possible, which is exactly what our mission encourages. When Laurie is not with Gary she can be found working in many different capacities, lending her team support wherever it may be needed. Laurie has a great way about her and she is a good role model to other DSP’s.  It has been our pleasure to work alongside her and for these reasons and more we nominate Laurie for employee of the month.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Szewczyk
Toni Hallee