Congratulations to Karen Carney for earning the Monthly Service Award


Monthly Service Award Nomination
July 2017

We would like to nominate Karen Carney for the July Monthly Service Award, not because this month stands out from any other but because every month she has worked for us she has proven herself to be a valued employee time and time again. 

Karen is very dependable and professional on all levels.  Karen has worked with Denise since August 2014.  Karen supports Denise in all areas of her life and provides the highest quality services always.  Karen has assisted Denise in developing a weekly schedule that reflects Denise’s interests and preferences.  Denise has had a very challenging year medically and Karen has supported her “through thick and thin”.  She has accompanied Denise on every medical appointment and by sharing her wealth of knowledge about Denise, has enabled the medical professionals to better serve Denise.  She not only supports Denise but Denise’s home care provider as well with her flexibility.  She was a great asset to Denise in a very recent hospital stay and was not afraid to speak up and advocate for Denise’s care and well being.

Karen begins each day with a smile on her face and a positive outlook on what the day may bring. She is extremely flexible and can change plans at the drop of a hat to accommodate Denise’s ever changing needs.  She comes to work each day with the mindset and drive to assist Denise in becoming as independent as possible, while understanding and supporting the challenges she faces.

Karen is extremely dedicated to our agency and we recently asked her to meet another individual that we are thinking about asking Karen to work with and she said yes without hesitation.  She met this new individual and in “Karen fashion” it went extremely well.

Karen, it has been and continues to be a pleasure working with you and we are pleased to offer this nomination on your behalf! Thank you for all you do!

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Szewczyk
Toni Hallee