Congratulations to Jeff Thomas for earning Nashua Center's Monthly Service Award


Monthly Service Award Nomination
February 2017

It is a rare occasion that we have the pleasure of nominating an employee multiple times for the Monthly Service Award in just a short span of time. However, we are beyond pleased to nominate Jeff Thomas for February’s Monthly Service Award.

Recently Jeff has spent a lot of his time working with a gentleman named Steve who is new to our day services program. Jeff worked briefly with his supervisor in terms of training and getting to know Steve and his family. However, Jeff’s years of experience and knowledge in this field quickly showed through. Jeff took the lead on helping Steve to engage in various activities both in and out of Steve’s home.

Jeff assisted Steve in scheduling and attending various appointments, as well as partaking in daily life occurrences we all often take for granted such as getting a haircut or going to the gym. Jeff also helped Steve engage in playtime with his daughter by being the “horse” for “horsey back” rides around the house. Jeff continually went above and beyond in helping with whatever tasks Steve or his family needed assistance with at any given time. This included but was not limited to helping Steve and his family unpack and start to get settled in their new apartment. Steve also asked Jeff for his help in setting up their entertainment system and Jeff was more than happy to oblige as Steve verbally directed him through the process.

Jeff has shown great flexibility in his own schedule by adjusting his hours to best meet Steve’s needs without hesitation. Often times this has meant working weekends, starting his days at various hours, and occasionally working until 6:00 or 7:00 pm in order to ensure that all Steve’s needs had been met. Not only did Jeff make himself available for Steve and his family, he was happy to accommodate them. Whenever Jeff was asked how things with Steve were going his response was always positive and upbeat!

Jeff continually goes above and beyond for the people we serve, and this is shown in the work he does on a daily basis. It is for this and many other reasons that we are honored to nominate Jeff Thomas for this Monthly Service Award.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Clow
Toni Hallee
Lisa Szewczyk