Congratulations to Damaris Santos for earning Nashua Center's Monthly Service Award


October 2017
    Monthly Service Award 
  Damaris Santos

Some days it really strikes me what amazing work our DSP’s do on behalf of the individuals we support. This was particularly true when I spent time with Damaris Santos and Jessica Felson recently. I was truly impressed with Damaris’ respectful and encouraging interactions with Jess.   

We spent some time at the Work Out Club where Jess swims. Damaris gave Jess gentle suggestions on a couple of occasions to ensure Jess looked her best. She was also very encouraging and engaged as Jess did her laps. Later in the day, we went fishing together.  Damaris shined in her supportive role, asking Jess questions about fishing while giving her plenty of space to be independent. It was obvious from watching these two women interact that they truly enjoy each other's company and respect each other’s opinions.  

Last week we had Jess’s service agreement meeting. Damaris did an outstanding job letting the team know about all the success Jess experienced the past year. She was also an enthusiastic participant in helping Jess plan goals for the next year. I shared with my co-workers that this was one of the best service agreement meetings I had been to in a while, and that was due in great part to Damaris' contribution.  

It is an honor to nominate Damaris for the monthly service award! 

Respectfully submitted by 
Nancy Farrell