Congratulations to Craig Warden for earning Nashua Center's Monthly Service Award


Monthly Service Award Nomination
April 2017  

Craig Warden began working for Nashua Center as a Direct Support Professional in January 2015. Craig has proven to be a very dependable and professional employee. Craig has been working in a 1:1 position for some time now and has formed an excellent working relationship with this gentleman. Craig uses a person-centered approach and is always actively engaging whomever he is working with in the activity/task at hand or conversation being had. 

Recently Craig has begun his transition to a Team Leader position. Craig has shown great initiative and enthusiasm regarding this new position. Craig has taken it upon himself to get to know more about all of the individuals he will be overseeing. It is clear that Craig is not taking this position lightly. 

During this transition Craig has spent time training with various staff, individuals, and other Team Leaders. After spending time with Craig, those Team Leaders came to me and expressed how impressed they were with Craig’s level of initiative and lack of hesitation. They specifically made reference to the “hands-on approach” Craig had when working with both gentlemen, one of the gentleman being someone Craig had never worked with before. 

Craig continues to show that he is willing and able to learn and adapt to each situation as needed. It is clear that Craig has the skillset needed to excel in this new role. It is for this and many other reasons that I am honored to nominate Craig Warden for the Monthly Service Award.  

Respectfully Submitted,
 Barbara Clow