Congratulations to Kerri-Anne Kelly recipient of the Monthly Service Award!

Monthly Service Award Nomination

Keri-Anne Kelly

June was an exceptional month for Keri-Anne and her roommate, Janet. Janet was scheduled for a significant medical procedure and a long road to recovery thereafter. Keri-Anne, in her role as an Enhanced Family Care Provider and roommate, rose to the occasion and demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond in planning and support for Janet. On May 31st at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon NH, Janet underwent a split-brain surgery with the goal of reducing her high seizure activity levels. It was a difficult surgery, both for preparation, mental and moral support, and advocacy at the hospital. Keri-Anne drove almost daily to the hospital, back and forth from southern NH, to provide support for Janet and advocate for her needs. Janet’s sister was quite distraught and concerned throughout and after the procedure, and Keri-Anne showed great kindness and compassion towards her during this time as well. 

When Janet arrived at home after the hospital stay her needs had drastically changed. Keri-Anne adjusted her personal schedule and has worked closely with therapists and support staff to help Janet regain her previous skills. The rotating schedule of people in and out of the home could have proven to be very frustrating and challenging, but Keri-Anne took it in stride, communicated well with her immediate team, and focused on Janet’s well-being. A couple of weeks after the surgery, I stopped by to visit and couldn’t find Janet or Keri-Anne at the home. A short while later they returned from a walk; it was a beautiful day and it was wonderful to see that Janet was being encouraged to stay active and keep building her strength even during a challenging recovery. Keri-Anne was unwavering in her support and encouragement for Janet’s full recovery. Janet has made great progress since her hospitalization and this is in large part due to Keri-Anne encouraging her to regain skills and willing her to lead a full and rich life. 

Janet has now returned to day program and her community more quickly than we had hoped. Janet looks amazing, and she is slowly getting back to her busy life. Keri-Anne has already helped Janet spend a day at the beach, see a musical play in Concord, and spend a relaxing evening listening to live music at a local coffee house. What an amazing feat for a woman who had brain surgery not two months ago! All of us at Nashua Center appreciate what Keri-Anne has done for Janet and would like to recognize her for the Monthly Service Award.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Farrell