BobbiAnn Thomas Receives Monthly Service Award

Monthly Service Award Nomination
May 2017

I would like to nominate BobbiAnn Thomas for the Monthly Service Award for May 2017. BobbiAnn came to the Nashua Center in April of 2016 as a DSP for our day services program.
BobbiAnn is not someone that requires a lot of supervision and can motivate herself to “do what’s right” for the people she supports with little guidance. 
BobbiAnn is someone that is always looking to improve her performance and she expressed an interest in growing with the company and taking on more responsibilities. She was offered a position in Residential Services as a House Manager that she accepted and she has been a great addition to the team. She quickly made suggestions and put new systems in place to improve the lives of the ladies that live at Upstone Dr. She also tackled some difficult challenges concerning medication administration and the support the Upstone team was providing to the residents. 
After a short time, she was offered a little more responsibility by splitting her time between Beard St. and Upstone Dr. BobbiAnn happily accepted the challenge and did not disappoint. 
She has shown an ability to provide quality care and supports to the people we support; she has passed along the knowledge and beliefs she has to current staff and to the new employees coming on board. 
BobbiAnn has made some amazing strides this month and has displayed a dedicated and caring work performance. 
These are just some of things that make BobbiAnn a deserving candidate for the Monthly Service Award for April 2017. 

Respectfully submitted by
Billy Abbott, Coordinator - Residential Services